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Live videoclips with every internet connection for 39,- EUR per month

Top Feature - Current spherical panorama pictures in Virtual Reality (VR)

Also available on tablets and smartphones

Unique worldwide - up to 300 megapixel panorama pictures

New panorama camera at the Observatory in Klagenfurt – sensational images with unique resolution

Our swivelling Ultra HD panoramic image system gives you a breath-taking view of the pleasant city from the Klagenfurt Observatory to the airport and the beautifully blue shimmering Lake Wörthersee. It shows the worldwide highest-resolution image having a resolution of 450 megapixels.
The images are pin sharp due to an enormous zoom function. In order to ensure data protection due to the high resolution of the images streets, windows and balconies are blurred, but this does not affect the overall impression of the images. The HD live video clip rounds off the result.

Link: Ultra HD Panoramacamera (450 Megapixels) , Live Video Clip