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Live videoclips with every internet connection for 39,- EUR per month

Top Feature - Current spherical panorama pictures in Virtual Reality (VR)

Also available on tablets and smartphones

Unique worldwide - up to 300 megapixel panorama pictures

Perfect Webcam photos, also at night

Our “Available Light Cam“ sees more than the human eye because it also provides daylight images of the area at night due to a sophisticated imaging software. Difficult light conditions  with dark and light areas are no problem and are optimally exposed. Thus, our “Available Light Cam“ is also designed for meteorology in order to observe the cloud situation by day and at night or for air traffic. It is of major importance for air traffic to estimate the visibility and the visual flight conditions at night.

Our panorama viewer provides additional tools as follows:
-    setting visual indicators as hot spots
-    news tickers for information transfer
-    archive images for tracking
-    and many more

Our time-lapse player is a useful extension to use the images of our “ Available Light Cam“ more effectively because any time periods can be chosen and the relevant  time- lapse film can be played , i.e. to observe tendencies.

Panorama camera on: Peace, relaxation and tranquility but also joy, vivacity and enjoyment.

ALC Camera